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Hi, I’m Bianca van den Bos

For the last 25 years my main interest has been design and online marketing. I'm an allround online marketeer and specialised in email marketing. Aside from work, I'm a journal creator, home interior enthusiast and I love to travel.

Working experience

I've got almost 25 years of experience in (graphic and online) design, developing, optimizing and maintaining websites, in conversion-oriented B2C and B2B environments. As a Project Manager, Web Designer, Content Manager and Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Specialist.
I've specialized in Email Marketing and love to keep learning and developing myself, both professionally and personally.

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Over the years I've designed and built many websites (HTML5, CSS, WordPress) and email newsletters. And designed logos, business cards and other graphic designs, like flyers, gift cards and infographics.

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Love to travel

Besides designing, my favorite thing to do is traveling. Seeing the world, learning about other cultures, the food, snorkeling, visiting amazing temples and natures. I just love it. So, like many others, I started my own travel blog called 'My love for traveling'. Simply to share my experiences, tips and tricks with others. My favorite continent is Asia, with Thailand being our favorite country to visit.

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Happy Journals

In 2022 I started designen journals and notebooks, under the name 'Happy Journals'. They are sold on Amazon, in different countries all over the world, but mostly in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. I've started it to create pretty journals that make you smile when you look at them. But at one point I decided I wanted to make more impact. So now my main goal is to help people on their journey battling a chronic illness, by creating useful pain management and symptom tracking journals. And also with other journals, like gratitude logs and planners. It really gives me a sense of purpose. And the responses I'm getting from people who've bought them are amazing. They really make my day.

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About Me

I'm a designer, online marketer, journal creator and traveler.

Travel blog

Check out my travel blog for tips and inspiration.